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The Lucid Hive Post by Lucid Dreamscape - Tattoo Reality Checks

Hello Lucid Hive,

I frequently use my tattoos for reality checks and my body piercings as well. You can use whatever method you like, and this may provide insight on how to find your unique R.C. These techniques have worked for me and may help you become lucid while dreaming.

Reality check definition from health line . com "Reality testing, or reality checking, is a form of mental training. It increases metacognition by training your mind to notice your own awareness. According to Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, your level of metacognition is similar in your waking and dreaming states."

Sure you have heard before, consistency is key. If it doesn't happen overnight, keep on trying until you reach your goal. I have been using this method for over a year now, and it still works. The other day I became lucid when I noticed I still had my body piercings when I gave birth. I'm due in March 2021, and a goal is to practice delivery in the dream state. Realizing I wouldn't have these piercings in at this time, lucidity was triggered, and I decided to go through labor again. That dream story is another post for another time, but the point for this post is that my body piercings triggered lucidity, and I was able to adjust accordingly to what I wanted to achieve in that dream state. Thanks to my consistent R.C.

I have attached my second youtube video about tattoo reality checks that may provide more insights on how you can conduct them. I almost gave up and was like this isn't working anymore. Near the time of posting this video, these reality checks seemed to plateau; my dream conscious was almost catching on to my tattoos. My tattoos would already be present, and I would conduct a reality check to believe I wasn't dreaming when indeed, I was. I have since then taken the R.C. a step further. Like a handshake that you learn with a friend, each time you keep adding new measures to keep it going or revise it to be better. I have done this with my reality checks and have evolved them to preserve the element of surprise.

I hope you enjoyed this post; we would love to hear your feedback. Below is the video attached, and I hope that you subscribe to my channel and join my dream journey (:

Blessed be,

Rachel Olson, aka Lucid Dreamscape.


Twitter: @luciddreamscape

Instagram: @luciddreamyoga

Tik Tok: @luciddreamyoga

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