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Mini Dream Series Part 1 - Lucid Dreaming with Victoria

In the Mini Dream Series launch, Victoria and I have a casual conversation about lucid dreaming. We chat about our experiences while smoking at the same time (legal in CA, USA). Tori explains how she wasn't quite sure until she and I had conversations about my dreams. The excitement surrounds lucid dreaming and the desire to become lucid. I asked her what her definition of lucid dreaming was to hear it in her own words. We can harness the lucidity within our dreams and create our creative workspace in your dream realm. Tori mentions her knowledge on active mediation and how to be present in the now—making your reality checks tailored to you. Tori is constantly checking the time during the day and wants to use that as her reality check. We share moments from dreams we each have had and break down what it means to us. We end the video with more dream sharing and awareness of your surroundings in a dream, going along with the dreams, and keeping lucidity.

Topics in Video:

When did you start Lucid Dreaming?

Dreams within Dreams.

What is Lucid Dreaming to you?

Reality Checks Mindfulness and Active Meditation

Dream Sharing and Lucid Moments Water dreaming elements

Thank you, and stay tuned for the next series video!

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