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Lucid Dreaming: The Ultimate Dreamers Guide

Lucid Dreaming: The Ultimate Dreamers Guide

Lucid Dreamscape aka Lucid Dream Yoga here to share my knowledge of lucid dreaming and share my tips to help you achieve your dreams.

Lucid dreaming is the most profound ability I have ever learned, the most wonderful universal gift. I am very thankful for the people in my life and being a member of The Lucid Hive. Follow our Facebook group to get to know our dreaming community: The Lucid Hive

What are Lucid Dreams?

Lucid dreaming are the dreams where someone is aware they are in a dream. Scientists say it is a hybrid between sleep and wakefulness. Lucid dreaming is commonly experienced during rapid eye movements (REM) sleep. This stage is where the most intense regular dreaming occurs.

Some dreamers are able to control their dreams and sometimes the dreamer doesn't know the exact details of the dreaming or what happened. Studies show that only about 1% of lucid dreamers are deliberately controlled.

What's REM Sleep?

REM aka Rapid Eye Movement, or stage R. When you are in the dream state it takes an average of 90 minutes to enter rapid eye movement REM, we don't have to wait five hours for a WBTB (waking-back-to-bed) technique. Your eyes dart around quickly as brain activity increases. Everything in your body speeds up: blood pressure, breathing, and pulse. Health awareness can prioritize your sleep hygiene to get yourself in the sleep modes and create an optimal sleep schedule. REM sleep is important for learning and memory. So next time you fall back asleep, remember the health benefits backed by research.

How do Lucid Dreams work?

Lucid dreaming has long been investigated, but much remains unknown of their origins. Researchers have identified an association between brain activity and lucid dreams.

The person is aware that there is an object in a dream but they don't see what the dream actually was like in that dream. Lucid dreams differ because the sleeping ear is aware of dreams and may be able to control the surroundings.

How is Lucid Dreaming Studied?

Lucid dreams occur frequently and it is hard to anticipate them. To examine this phenomenon researchers usually create lucid dreams through various techniques. Several techniques are used to induce dreams by a combination of drugs and supplements. (Recommend: Dream Leaf Pro and Galantamine)

Once the subjects have fallen asleep, scientists have been studying prefrontal cortex in the human brain using an electroencephalogram (EEG). Electroocularograms (EOGs) can be used to monitor eye movement in order to determine if subjects have entered REM sleep.

Is Lucid Dreaming Good or Bad for You?

In recent years, lucid dreams have become more common. Often lucidated dreams are produced because it is possible to overcome fear or heal. Other research has shown that inducing lucid dreams can also help relieve fear or discomfort that occurs from nightmares....

It is not clear whether lucid dream can cause mental problems. Many researchers say lucid dreams are intentional and blurred by lucid dreams and may be damaging to a person's mental health.

Is Lucid Dreaming harmful?

Lucid dreaming is generally safe and can improve motor skills and improve the senses of creative thinking. Nonetheless, the risks remain. Lucid dreaming techniques often require disrupting sleep cycles, which could cause heightened symptoms like depression or anxiety.

A number of side effects can be experienced by a sleep disturbance that can cause distorted vision and confusion. Talk to a sleep therapist (or me) before attempting to induce lucidity.

Is it safe to have Lucid Dreams?

There is little scientific support for lucid dreaming. Since the effects induced by dreaming are rare, the exact cause is unknown.

Research on lucid dreaming and mental health is mixed. In many cases frequent dreams can cause the presence of underlying disorders. Some patients who suffer from narcolepsy have clearer and lucid dreams. Whereas in my experience, lucid dreaming can be a lifeline to save me from any depression hole I fall in.

Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Tips

Imagine if you had control over the sleep of someone's dream. You can try all kinds of foods free of charge, go all over the country meet celebrities and lose friends and possibly even talk about your pet in a personal encounter. All this can be realized if lucid dreaming becomes easier and faster.

Are you wondering how to lucid dream? There are countless ideas to stimulate dreams. There are mixed reports about their effectiveness as a result of their ability to consistently produce lucid dreaming. However, certain techniques are capable of stimulating lucid dreams, whereas a variety of approaches have been developed.

Some people may have trouble waking up lucidly, so some methods may not suit everybody. We'll show you some tips that can lead to successful lucid dreaming. While these skills are progressively improved, we have some tips you can apply today.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)

Mnemonic Induction of lucid dreams consists of mentally strengthening a plan of lucid dreaming. In lucid dreams, MILD techniques also include waking-to-bed and wake-up-to-bed techniques. WBTB is built on intentionally sleeping for about five hours before going back into bed.

In the mornings MILD (Mnemonic Induction of lucid dreams) techniques use the repetition of an expression in an attempt to describe the next dream as a lucid dream. In upcoming dreams it might be like: MILD techniques aim to have lucid dreams after falling asleep.

Perform a “WBTB” test

This abbreviation means “wake up”. As soon as you wake out of bed you're training your body to fall asleep and keep your mind on alert. You've started to notice your mind drifting into sleep. Your brain can trick you to tell you that you are awake by attempting a sleep check.

The body can send you messages about rolling over your head or touching your stomach / mouth / nose. Refrain from moving. Once your brain is accustomed to sleeping, it can give up control and start looking at colors, shapes, or even a glimpse of the scenery. Those dreams were lucid.

Set an alarm

Make a five-hour alarm before you fall asleep. It's ideal for a waking alarm to start at 5:00. The idea is that if the alarm wakes you with rapid eye movements you'll fall asleep instantly. The following techniques can help you enter a lucid dream state. There are a number of things you need to remember to be successful.

Conduct Reality Checks

As a beginner you can learn to perform 10-25 real world lucid dreaming tests daily to learn how to lucid dream which can be decreased as it progressively improves. This is one to try: Reality checks are performed by completing simple actions that confirm your awakeness. If we sleep it can be very different from our sleep.

Repeating these activities daily becomes an everyday habit. Eventually, after your body is awakened in an unconscious dreaming state, your body will start detecting your sleeping position. I have been doing this for so long that I have tried a little bit of everything, here are a few reality checks you can start trying:

  • Active Meditation (my favorite!)

  • Daily Mindful Intentions

  • Say "I am going to lucid dream tonight"

  • Make your own lucid dreaming mantra!

  • Ask yourself "Am I Dreaming?" or "Am I Lucid Dreaming?"

  • Count the fingers on your hand

  • Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD)

  • Great induction of lucid dreams for beginners.

  • Popular method: check this Reddit Post out

  • Youtube video: FILD tutorial

  • Use your birthmarks, hair color, tattoos, piercings to increase your awareness

  • Watch my youtube video: Lucid Dreamscape's Tattoo Reality Checks

Listen to Binaural Beats

You might hear binaural beats for concentration, study and sleeping, and they can also help you dream. Two frequencies play together enter each ear and are processed as a frequency which combines both of them. You're able to download music on a free YouTube channel or download apps to get a wider variety of options. The trick is matching the Hz frequencies to brainwaves to encourage this activity. You need the Theta wave that runs 2between 4 Hz and 8 Hz. My favorite app I use is an iOs App called Theta Waves

Take Galantamine

Galantamine has been shown to increase the cognitive capacity of people with dementia and help dreamers achieve lucid dreaming. The material has traditionally been used on flowers such as dandelions and it is commercialised to be absorbed into oral forms by flowers including spider lily. Studies show that these supplements help prolong REM sleep and promote memory. In the present study it is possible that the lucid experience would be compared to placebo. I have purchased this and had positive results: Galantamine Dreaming Capsules |

Turn off all screens

Until 2 o'clock in the morning, turn off all electronic devices on a dim display. It is important your room is dark for melatonin production, the hormone that sleeps. Since light inhibits Melatonin Production it is important not to disturb the atmosphere.


The last section talked largely about the separation of the mind. Meditation is an important technique for improving your concentration and aid mental health. You could have witnessed a Buddhist monk meditating for hours and hours. This is possible since the body is asleep and yet their minds have awakened. Lucid dreams are quite similar and they need similar skills. Would you like further information? Find the best meditation ways. Your mental health will thank you.

Benefits of lucid dreaming:

Increase creativity

All dreams are limited to imaginations. When your brain works together in creating a new land, there are amazing things that you can accomplish. Someday, you will be thinking about a remarkable lifesaving idea. In addition to inspiring your creative mind, dreams can also inspire. If it’s launching a nonprofit and writing songs, this lucid dream might provide an amazing opportunity.

Play video games

When playing Video Games you become immersed within another planet. Push yourself and explore new locations as you play and you will get better prepared for it when you sleep and dream. They have some lucid dream style games you can find.

Reduce fear

It's the best moment in which to confront your fears since you will have no control over the situation. Nothing hurts in dreams. If you fear height, dream of flying? When public speaking is making us nervous, create a scenario in which we can give speeches with standing ovations.

Control your nightmares

Having learned lucid dreams will allow us to have nightmares. Luminous nightmares are the uncomfortable version of the lucide dream. Since you know the situation, you are now able to act on the situation and fight the cause and consequences. If you are chased by a fire-breathing dragon, you don't have to be a victim anymore. Make up a sword, take courage and kill the dragon. Whatever the horror you are having, you will be able control the outcome if you master this lucid dream.

Choose your dream

Your lucid dreaming will never stop, when suddenly you have an unexpected event that happens throughout your day. Instead select vision while sleeping. We are incredibly conscious. Even if we didn’t go to Paris, we're surprised by what detail our minds produce.

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