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Life is but a Dream Vlog Grief Lucid Dreaming

RIP Dad. 2 Lucid Dreams back to back, night after night. The second one is what I speak about mostly in the video, lucid dreaming and asking a question I was curious to know. My father Gregory Paul Olson was a man I could always look up to and turn to when I needed anything. He was so proud and happy to be a grandpa, I am so happy they were able to meet and bond before his passing. These lucid dreams have moved me forward with my phases of grieving and are giving me a sense of closure. I am so happy to see my father in my dreams and be able to hug him even if I'm balling my eyes out, crying is healthy right? Totally :) I love him and miss him so much and wanted to document this dream and share it with the dream community. Please comment if you have had a dream that has helped you through the stages of grief with a loved one. My father is the third family member I have lost. I am so happy that he was able to see the day he became a grandpa, he said besides me and my sister it was the happiest day of his life.

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