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Dry January Dream Scare | Happy New Year

I hope everyone's New Year is going well; things for me have been mostly positive. My dream new year's resolutions are to lucid dream more, track my dreams, and become more active in the dream community again.

It's only January 7th, and I already had a dream scare that I accidentally ducked up my 'Dry January.' I have given up smoking, drinking, energy drinks, doordash, and amazon for 31 days. Quitters Day is the second Friday in January when people are most likely to quit their resolutions and revert to old habits and routines. We can be better; my Dad always said, "we are better today than we were yesterday," let's take it one day at a time!

Smoking cannabis and drinking energy drinks were daily, Doordash and Amazon weekly, and drinking once a month or so. Can you take a guess which one I dreamed about doing? 💨 DREAM: It happened so quickly, I was with a group of friends, and they handed me the vape pen, and instinctively, I hit the pen, almost like muscle memory, straight to the lips and inhaled. As I exhaled the smoke, I snapped back to my present self and shrieked, "oh no! I wanted to give up smoking this month!" and tried to blow it all out of my lungs 🫁 Everyone told me how great I was doing, yet the feeling of guilt lingered. I felt like I had let myself down.

IRL: The feeling weighed on me throughout the day upon waking, trying to shake it off and keep looking forward, holding my head high with a smile, one foot in front of the other. The feeling still lingered like a dark haze, a low grey filter placed on my day. To cheer myself up, I ordered Ethiopian food for pick up down the street from work, and after placing the order, it said powered by Doordash. It made me think of my dream and how I accidentally hit the pen, and now I accidentally used doordash thinking it was via their website; I had a good chuckle and enjoyed the best food and the haze lifted, and I enjoyed the rest of my day.

My dreams have come back quite a lot this week, no lucid ones to report yet, but the lucidity is coming - I know this feeling. My dream self is returning from a deep slumber that I like to call 2022. I am excited to keep my dry January going strong and start the year with healthier habits. Chase those dreams, baby!

Do you have any Dry January / New Year resolutions to share?

Please comment! :)

Thank you,

Rachel Olson aka Lucid Dream Yoga

-Lucid Hive Post 1/7/23

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