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Dream Journaling Example for Dreaming Reflection

I have been re-reading the dream notes on my iPhone, and I came across this entry from 2020 I wanted to share. I was pregnant and in my first trimester. My dreams were long and vivid the entire pregnancy. I have a lot of content I still want to share online from then, and I'm starting with this note below.

The brief information below comes from my personal experience. I was thankful to be a part of a dreaming circle that met monthly at the time. I wanted to share the tips I learned to record your dreams. Here are seven bullet points to take notes of when recording a dream.

1. Create a Title for your Dream

2. Add a Dream Date

3. Set Dream Intention

4. Write Down Dream

5. Dream Reflection/Additional Note

6. Dream Keywords and Feelings

7.Dream relations with IRL

Currently, I'm slacking! I know I need to step up my game for a morning routine and dream record keeping. Right now, I'm lucky if I title it. I am here to let you know it's okay to fall off and get back on. I am still finding a balance in dreaming diaries or journals. I believe it's important to try various methods to create one that works best for you. Lately, I've found time driving my son to daycare in the mornings. I have a dashcam that I'll turn around; I'll tell the camera my Dream and use that as my dream tracker. Most of the time, I have no intention of using the video, but it's getting me in the mindset of reflecting daily on my dreams. Ideally, I'd be back on my Twitter posting daily and using fun gifs to share my dream stories. It all works in conjunction; the most important takeaway from this blog is never to stop dreaming. Even if you are amid a dream blackout, don't stop believing :) Your dreams will always come back and find you; will you be ready to capture the meaning they hold?

Personal Example:

Dream Title: Fly High & High school corruption

Date: 7/22/20

Dream Intention: Protect and Seek Truth


I revisited a dream, remembered the last Dream here, and decided to let it play out and try to stay ahead of the Dream this time. Lucidity kept me calm as we boarded the plane. I knew it would break down, but we would fix it again like we did last time. I was in the cargo when the plane's left engine blew out, and this time, instead of flying outside the plane to fix it, we were able to patch the hole from the inside and stabilize the flight. Last Dream, we had to sacrifice a parachute, and this time we stuck together and made it to our destination. We were pleased as the jet landed in the city (only a few other people on board. It was luxurious and spacious). Dream continues... Kristin (sister) and I run around the familiar dream town and many skyscrapers and downtown buildings. It's bright out; it must be the middle of the day. We had some higher status, and Kristin was having her coronation, something big. The city bell would ring in her honor. I showed her how to jump and maneuver through the city, away from the crowd. She was irritated and forgot the controls; I told her, "hit X to jump and double X to jump higher ledges. Triangle to pick things up and RS to crouch." Just like a game. The bell started going off, and then we rang it a few times on the rooftop, and the crowd cheered. We cheered. It was exciting. The energy of the crowd was pumping. We clapped with them, and the excitement grew. We started to make it to a high building to escape the crowd. Kristin almost didn't jump, and we were in the weirdest position/angle to hold ourselves in place between two buildings. It was as my arms and legs could stretch out. I looked down and thought, "it's okay if we fall, we will be okay, but I don't want to lose Kristin in this life" determined I grabbed her hand and swung her to the other rooftop with all my might. She made it across and was helping me come from the awkward angle I had positioned myself in. I jump back as she pulls me in, and we're on top of a queen-sized air mattress. I told Kristin to move forward as the mattress was on the ledge, and we were tipping; we tipped ourselves up, pushing us to the center of the rooftop; we took a deep breath and fell back on the mattress. We took a quick break then started our descent down the skyscraper. Kristin got halfway down; I asked how the heck she did that, then I saw the path and jolt down next to her. We made it to the ground, and three housewives with cameras saw us and squeal!! We immediately started running, and our parkour moves were needed now more than ever. We jumped over and under buildings as we managed to escape. We ran into three guys around our age, and we clicked with them. We made it back to the high school campus, and everyone was being active, swimming and diving in the pool, running the track, or studying inside. We start to look around the halls and the lockers. I was with a guy named Isaiah, and I saw the others walk into a locker; Isaiah walked past, and I yelled for him to come back. We look in the locker, and there's a secret passage. We walk into a concrete room with a side room that looks like a secret science lab. We don't see the others but hear a new person come in the locker path. Isaiah and I hide behind a cabinet as a woman in a lab coat takes it off, it's covered in blood, and she's smiling, holding a pistol also covered in blood. She started to settle in and had her back to us as Isaiah and I ran for it! We walk back down the secret path and find a side room with our friends; we grab them and get the heck out of there and run across the parking lot. Jonah, another friend, was holding the gym basketballs; we told him he needed to dispose of them as the evil woman is infecting kids with coronavirus through the basketballs!! We dispose of the balls. I start to walk by myself, and I see a huge snake in the tree, almost as it was one with it; the snake at first looked like a branch. A snake chameleon. I call out to the snake CRICKYYY! Steve Irwin shows up and shakes his head, and walks away. I admire the snake but don't get too close. It doesn't have a rattle; the pattern is beautiful and unique. I then walk away, wondering what will happen and how we will expose this evil corruption. I see Alyssa, and she smiles. I see another girl talking to her phone about going out of the country and how she will be going pro, and as it continues to record her, she goes to the diving board and does a dive into the pool. I get a bit confused. How can so much evil be in the world, and people are so blind to it? We are going to do. We started to make another game plan, and I woke up!!!

More dream notes/reflection: We were at a picnic table, and I ran into Jason and told him I am pregnant. And Mallorie turns and says, "wtf bitch? You didn't tell me!" I apologized and told her I wanted to, and now I'm just so excited! (IRL next day, I call Mallorie, and she guessed that I'm preggo and she's excited for me!)

More dream notes/reflection: birds-eye view. A lady is being rude, spilling other people's drinks. The drunks get mad and push her off the building with her man. The "chick" is seven months preggo and falls to the ground but is okay and walks away with the guy, scratch-free.


plane engine, confident, secure, faith, basketballs, a bell, happy, excited, proud, flirty, stressed, snake on tree "tricky" - scared and secretive -

IRL: coronavirus hitting businesses hard, our work events being pushed back. My sister Kristin in my dreams, frequently would do anything for her in her Dream and waking state. Alyssa (dream weave partner) popped in my head at the end of the Dream.

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