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Lucid Dream Yoga

Rachel Olson is a young, ambitious dreamer. She has been practicing dream recall and lucidity since 2016. Daydreaming the most frequently, as she can zone out anywhere into another world. She experiences precognitive dreaming and strives to dive deeper into how the waking world and the dreaming realm co-exist. 

She started her lucid journey by launching her twitter page and is an original member of The Lucid Hive. Rachel works full time as a Creative Media Manager at a home improvement company in Northern California and Nevada. She is skilled in design, social media/digital marketing, SEO, and content writing. Rachel is very passionate, constantly growing and expanding her consciousness. She has an open mind and loves gaining knowledge from others. Naturally, Rachel is a healer and houses a big heart, and is a dream influencer that wishes to guide others on their path by sharing her own experiences.


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